Fast 25W USB-C Car charger UK - Black


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Fast 25W USB-C Car charger UK - Black

Stay charged in the fast lane These days we tend to use our phones in the car for more than making and receiving phones calls. Whether we're streaming music, using GPS maps or connecting to an Android Auto / Apple CarPlay headunit, all of these drain our phone batteries faster than the standard USB port in your car can recharge them. Introducing a 25W car charger will not only keep your phone charged, it will fast charge the phone to ensure when you get out of the car, you have enough battery to stay powered for the rest of the day. 25W is the maximum charging speed that latest Samsung S21 and Note series will accept and meets the maximum charging speeds for all iPhone models.

Product Code:10350123

  • Capable of providing maximum charging speed for the latest Samsung and Apple devices.
  • Charges all Samsung and Apple devices with the appropriate cable
  • Compact design is unintrusive when plugged in. Light indicates charging while plugged in your device.
  • Does not require a road trip to charge your phone in the car. Allows the user to charge their phone while playing music or navigating faster than the
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