Essentials 5,000mAh Power Bank - White


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Essentials 5,000mAh Power Bank - White

For that quick BOOST of power The Essentials 5K power bank immediately charges your phone when you need it most. No reason to panic when your battery is about to die because this power bank has enough juice to restore your phone battery back to 100%, not just once, but up to 1.9 times. This power bank can be used to power many devices that use a USB connection to charge, including smart watches, cameras, headphones and drones.

Product Code:10350129

  • 1.9 phone charges - recharge your phone back to 100% while out and about
  • Cable included - ready to use on a device with a USB-C recharging port
  • Dual charging (USB-C + USB-A) Charge two devices simultaneously on the go, with dual USB ports both capable of 2.1A charging
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