Fast 25W USB-C Wall charger UK - Black


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Fast 25W USB-C Wall charger UK - Black

One-stop fast charge solution for all your devices 25W USB-C charging power is the sweet spot for fast charging many of most popular tech devices at maximum speed allowed. For Apple users, 25W will fast charge all iPhone models, as well as AirPods series and even iPad Pro. For Android users, 25W will fast charge all Samsung Galaxy A, S and Note series, as well as Tab A series.

Product Code:10350124

  • Delivers 25W of power which is the maximum acceptance for most Apple and Android devices
  • Easy to store in a bag and take with you on the go.
  • Less time spent charging your phone, more time using it.
  • To provide the maximum power, it is best to partner this wall charger with a 25W capable USB-C cable. Most smartphones cable has at least one USB-C co
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