Fast 25W + USB-C to USB-C cable - UK Black


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Fast 25W + USB-C to USB-C cable - UK Black

Fast charge all your Android phones, tablets & more When it comes to fast charging the latest Android devices, 25W charging power is the sweet spot, particularly for brand new Samsung phones like the Note 20 and Galaxy S21 series. 25W will also fast charge Android tablets and is suitable for charging other USB-C devices on-the-go, like the popular Nintendo Switch.

Product Code:10350109

  • 0-50% phone battery life in 30 mins. Fast charge most current Samsung devices however some phones and tablets can accept higher wattage.
  • 2.2m USB-C to USB-C charging cable included - provides fast charging to all android phones and tablets as well as other USB-C devices such as the Nint
  • Deliver 25W of power to any device.
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