Fast 25W + Lightning to USB-C cable - UK Black


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Fast 25W + Lightning to USB-C cable - UK Black

Fast charge all your Apple Lightning devices To fast charge your Apple Lightning devices you need both a fast charging power source and fast charging cable. This bundle combines both a fast wall charger and Lightning cable, enabling you to restore the battery life on your iPhone, iPad and AirPods in no time. The 25W USB-C wall charger can also be be partnered with a USB-C to USB-C cable (sold separately) to fast charge other devices.

Product Code:10350111

  • 0-50% battery life in 30 minutes
  • Capable of delivering maximum power to current iPhone (20W) and is future proof for the next generation of iPhone which has increased to (25W) capabil
  • Capable of fast charging all apple devices. Charging speed and power is dependant on what the device will accept.
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