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Sony Mobile

Style Cover Touch


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Full Specs

Hands-free entertainment, anywhere

Folding back the soft, textured front will turn the cover into an adjustable stand. On everything from tables to trays, it props up your phone conveniently and comfortably.

An outstanding finishUnified design

With pinpoint dimensions for an expert fit around the rear camera and loop surface, this cover complements Xperia XZ1 magnificently. They were crafted by the same designer, after all.

Choose your colour

If you’ve found a favourite phone, there’s an identical cover for you. Carefully chosen for a perfect match, these four colours (Black, ivory, Blue, Pink) look luxurious alongside Xperia XZ1.

Turn on or off, just by flipping

The front gracefully wakes your device when you open it, quickly starting whatever you need. When the show’s over, simply fold it back to enter standby.

Product Code:SCSG50BK

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